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Tamsin (busy mum), 41


Rachel is incredibly empathetic and caring, and focuses on getting to the bottom of the issue and not just treating the symptoms.  Rachel has a wealth of knowledge in a number of areas and is remarkably thorough which results in a really wholistic approach to wellness.

Emma (worried mum), 45

I brought my daughter along to see Rach after she suffering with ongoing bloating and gut issues. Even within the first month we noticed a massive difference in her digestion health and on top of that lots of added extras in terms of her sleep quality, energy and general happiness. We have our daughter back!

Katie (looking for direction), 25

Before seeing Rach I felt like  I was at a loss with the direction of my life. Together we mapped out some goals, put some plans in place and she held me accountable.  After a few session I felt like I was back in the drivers seat with the added bonus of my health getting back on track. We also had a lot of laughs along the way. 

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