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Energy and Vitality

Having low energy is hard. The reasons can be hundred fold. When clients come to see me and low energy is their main symptom, their are a couple of key blood tests that can really help me find out why that is. These are different depending on other symptoms but I truely believe information is power and we can address the issues. 

Thyroid hormones not being in the "optimal" range can be a huge contributing factor. Often these hormones fall in the 'normal' range for the orthodox model, however I am looking for the optimal range. That is various diagnostic blood tests in a range that is for optimal wellness rather than just the absence of disease. 

There is so much that can be done for the above symptoms, through some simple lifestyle and diet adjustment and key supplements that can be completely life changing. 

As a naturopath I look at all of the bodies systems as a whole as they all work together. To achieve optimal wellness, I take a holistic approach to treatment and health coaching. 

Feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat about how you can improve these symptoms for you specifically.

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